On my YouTube channel I already make a video about how to make pdf file in mobile from images. And this process is really simple and easy. You can watch this video to understand better or you can go with this article bellow.

Today we are talking about how to make a pdf file in mobile from images and documents. This process is too easy. And this PDF making app is fully free.

Importance of PDF

And according to current situation making pdf file is become a really important things. Due to covid-19, now lots of exams and official works are become online method. Now we need to scan all the answer script. for exam paper and convert it in a single pdf file to submit in college or university. I will show all the steps one by one.

Here download the Adobe scan app. ( After using a lots of app I find this is the best free app)

How to make a PDF

Now lets see how to convert some papers in to a pdf file from some images.

First take pictures of all the pages you need. When you taking pictures make sure that this blue line is aliened with all the four corner, so it will automatically crop all the pictures.

After taking pictures, you can reorder all the image according page number, you can crop all image manually if it don’t do it automatically, a lot of options are here you will learn all the things by using it.

Now if you done with all editing, rename the file and save as pdf. that’s the whole process.

Also, if you already have some pictures on your gallery and want to convert them into pdf, that’s also very easy process.

From gallery select all the pictures you need. Then add all pictures in the app. And edit all the photos if you need to do.

save as pdf and that’s it. If you want to share it, you can do that directly from here.

That’s the whole process, how simply you can convert any picture in to pdf file.

I will recommend you watch this YouTube video to understand well. Because its a practical process.